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Odun-Bazar Kapusi used to be the main gate of the medieval Kezlev fortress. In translation from Crimean Tatar language its name means 'the Wooden market gate'. It was built at the end of the15th century during the ruling of khan Mengli Geray. It had remained on its place for over four hundred years through numerous Ukrainian Cossacks attacks and Russian and Turkish wars. In September 1959 it was destroyed.

Restoration and reconstruction works were carried out by the efforts of RDR Concern, taking an active part in the cultural development of the city. The work had been carried out for four years according to the exact historical and architectural characteristics of the building.

The gates have become a kind of a symbol of the Old town, an integral part of its architecture and a starting point of travel to the past.
Cultural and Ethnographic Center (CEC) "Odun-Bazar Kapusi» is a complex including:


ELKEN travel company
part of the medieval city wall from the end of the 15th century
ethnographic museum with a miniature of the medieval town
KEZLEV KAVESI coffee house
JEVAL ethnic restaurant
JEVAL boutique hotel

The following events are held in the CEC "Odun-Bazar Kapusi": presentations, recitals, workshops, exhibitions, city festivals and marriage ceremonies.

It houses exhibitions of paintings of famous Crimean and Ukrainian artists, such as Ramiz Netovkin, Yuri Nikitin, and Nuri Yakubov.
The coffee house features the works of talented Crimean artist Zarema Trasinova and traditional  items of the artist–ceramist Rustem Skibin.
Most of the exciting festivals are held in the summer months at the gates of the fortress. One of them is "Summer Evenings at Karaimkaya Street". A lot of concerts, performances and fire shows of the theater on stilts are carried out at the fortress gate during these festivals.

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